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Whiskey Stones Review

Whiskey Stones are not ice cubes.   They are Soapstone stones that you keep in the freezer and when the urge for a fine whiskey or whisky hits you, take a couple and drop them in your glass.

The purpose of whiskey stones is to impart a chill on your whiskey, without watering it down or dulling the flavors by making it too cold.

 Whiskey is best enjoyed at the temperature of traditional Scottish parlor.  Before central heating this was likely between 59 and 65 degrees. Whiskey that is too cold does not yield up its aromas and adding ice will shut them  down all together.  Whiskey that is too warm  will have its volatiles (alcohol) released leading to a harsher experience.

Whiskey stones are designed to cool your dram  just enough to bring out the flavors.  The question is, do they do what they are intended for?

To answer this question  I researched and found the two most popular whiskey stones and bought them both.  Having used both, and done some “scientific” testing, I review both whiskey stones and compare the two,here, on Whiskey Stones Review.

Whiskey Stones

What Are Whiskey Stones And Why Use Them?

Whiskey Stones are cut soapstone that are used to chill your drink.  They are not ice cubes and will not make your drink cold.  The benefit is that whiskey stones chill without watering down your drink.

Whiskey Stones Review

AHere is the review of the Sipping Stones Whiskey Stones.  Usage, performance and appearance are evaluated.

Sipping Stones Whiskey Stones

Sipping Stones Whiskey Stones

Here you will find a hands on review of Teroforma Whisky Stones.   Usage, performance  and appearance are evaluated.  

Teroforma Whiskey Stones

Teroforma Whisky Stones

To the right are are two of the more popular Whiskey Stones on the market. Below you will find the reviews of each set of Whisky Stones. After reading the reviews be sure to check out the comparison page for head to head comparison of these Whiskey Stones.

Unlike other “review” sites, I actually own the stones and use these whiskey stones for my personal enjoyment.

Whiskey Stones Review

Teroforma vs. Sipping Stones

Whiskey Stones Review

Teroforma Whisky Stones vs. Sipping Stones: The Comparison Page

Here you will find a comparison chart and notes from our scientific and practical testing.

Where To Buy Whiskey Stones, the Internet's most trusted retailer sells both Teroforma Whisky Stones and Sipping Stones Whiskey Stones.  They also have more reviews from people, like us, who actually have used the whiskey stones.

Clicking below will bring you to where you can purchase                       or read more reviews.

Teroforma Whisky

Stones Review

Sipping Stones Whiskey

Stones Review

Whiskey Stones

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